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Interested in becoming a Nfina reseller?

Nfina's reseller program prepares your organization to serve IT professionals and your clients in the best and most efficient way possible. Our dedicated server and storage reseller program is simple: we provide you with our products and support while you provide your customers with quality, reliability, performance and value!

Make more money on server and storage sales.

NEW Nfina Product Configurator Configure Products Now

Nfina’s Product Configurator is the perfect tool giving Nfina resellers the power to design, configure and quote products correctly before ordering. The Nfina Configurator lets you and your organization focus on what’s best for each customer. There’s no more need to search through and compare multiple confusing spreadsheets or attempt to design products with online tools that regularly flash warnings of incompatibility when attempting to configure products. The Nfina Configurator reduces misguided clicks into a few simple selections allowing you and your sales staff to quickly design and edit products that are the perfect solution for each customer. To log in or create a new log in account click on the Configure Products Now button above.

What makes becoming an Nfina reseller so great?

Economical and Highly Reliable Product Line
Don't settle for less. We provide the best value in the server and data storage industry. You will be receiving low cost, high performance, IT servers and storage solutions to provide to your customers!

100% Committed to The Channel
No client registration required! Nfina doesn't make you register your customer accounts in order to receive your reseller discount. 

Manufacturer Support
Get the support you need in the way you need it. We offer sales and marketing support for your business when you sell Nfina products!

  • US based technical support
  • Local field sales support
  • Marketing support like product literature, Lunch & Learns, and qualified sales leads

Quick Turnaround
There's no need to wait! We stock our own products and provide same day turnaround for critical orders. We want your customers to be satisfied so we provide them with minimum downtime.

Nfina cares about delivering better value with low cost, high performance, server and storage solutions. By becoming an Nfina hardware reseller, you too can provide these benefits to your customers.

If you are interested in becoming an Nfina dedicated reseller for our server and data storage products then we would like to talk to you! Follow the steps below to get started!

Becoming a Nfina Reseller is Quick and Easy:

  1. Click the "Reseller Application" button below
  2. Complete the Reseller Information form
  3. Nfina will contact you to discuss your application
  4. Sell our high quality products!