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Move Your IT Infrastructure to Nfina's Edge-Cloud

Build a Better Hybrid-Cloud Solution

Nfina's Hybrid Edge-Cloud


Many small and mid-market enterprise organizations find themselves dealing with the tough questions of the ever changing IT paradigm as they consider how to move their IT infrastructure forward.

  • Do they stay on-site to reduce latency and gain performance?
  • Do they accept the high risk of internet outages with the cloud?
  • Do they increase their risk due to less redundancy in the cloud?
  • Do they continuing to deal with the high cost of hardware refresh?
  • Do they have a precise understanding of what the cloud actually cost?
  • Is the cloud really a turnkey solution with a single point of contact?
  • Will the cloud provider deal with issues in a timely manner?

A Better Solution from Nfina

Nfina’s Hybrid Edge-Cloud is the perfect solution to move your IT infrastructure forward.

  • On-site hyperconverged provides high performance and reduced latency.
  • On-site compute and backup delivers maximum uptime, eliminating unacceptable internet outages.
  • Reduced risk with 8 copies of your data versus 2 copies with the cloud.
  • Everything is included in an affordable monthly payment.
  • Reduced cost with no cap-ex and no up-front or hidden cost.
  • Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) – You receive a turnkey solution with a single point of contact.
  • Customizable and scalable, we work with you to develop your IT infrastructure.
  • Includes an annual DR plan and check so you know your DR is ready if you need it.


Hybrid Edge-Cloud Network



Monthly Cost Chart

Complete End-to-End Managed Services

Now there’s an excellent Hybrid Cloud solution that offers enhanced performance, reduced and predictable cost, peace of mind of redundant backup and DR, plus an entire team of qualified engineers with decades of real-world experience eliminating concerns related to staff expertise and workload. We combine the high performance and reduced latency of on-site compute with the security of cloud-based storage at an affordable monthly cost. We also include Managed Services that allows your business to off-load IT operations to us, enabling you to focus on your business goals while we deal with the challenges of an optimized IT environment. We are able to customize a Hybrid Edge-Cloud solution for each client individually.

Managed Operations

Don’t waste your time thinking about how you can refresh or make your cloud run on out-of-date building blocks used to configure traditional servers and storage. We can strengthen your platform by building a Hybrid Edge-Cloud solution, combining on-site virtual machines (VMs) with cluster-to-cluster replication along with off-site storage for backup and DR. Our team will work with your stakeholders in the development of your IT infrastructure including IT policies, standards, processes, systems, measurements, and maintenance. This enabling your company to manage risk, cost, control, IT governance, compliance, and business performance objectives.

Nfina’s Hybrid Edge-Cloud Solution Advantage

  • High Performance with Reduced Latency
  • Always Online with On-Site Failover Redundancy and Backup
  • Reduces Risk with 8 Copies of Your Data
  • Affordable Fixed Monthly Billing, Op-Ex Savings and No Cap-Ex Spending
  • HaaS Turnkey Solution with Single Point of Contact and No Finger Pointing

Hybrid Edge-Cloud vs Public Hyperscale Cloud

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