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Montgomery Radiology Case Study

Montgomery Radiology Case Studay

The Issue at Hand

Montgomery Radiology found it necessary to consider IT expansion to implement compliance advancements and new software purchased for radiologist.

They researched their options and came to two choices:

  1. Add an on-prem system to meet the new stringent hardware requirements
  2. Host new application in the cloud

Montgomery Radiology also had pressure from their CEO and Task Force Team to move to the cloud because of anticipated cost reduction.

Evaluating Their Options

Montgomery Radiology’s CIO requested hardware and cloud quotes to financially and technically analyze the vital IT expansion.

IT Expansion Requirements:  11x Servers, 440 (3GHz)x Cores, 44x VMs, 2x VMware Clusters, 40TB SSD Storage, 6x Windows DC, and 19x RHL

IT Expansion Requirements

The CEO and Task Force Team were shocked by the TCO differences between their options.

Cost Options

Conclusion: On-Prem Purchase Advantages

  • High performance and low latency: < 5 ms on-prem vs ~100 ms cloud
  • More copies of their data plus cluster-to-cluster replication reduces risk
  • $3,228,000 savings over 5-years
  • 2x VMware Clusters
  • Financial savings for on-prem solution easily justifies the expense of in-house IT Staff over the next five years and boost their IT Help Desk capabilities and turn around time
  • Fixed-site cloud infrastructure is always more expensive than on-prem

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