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There’s an often-repeated saying in the IT world:  nobody ever got fired for buying ____. There are several names that could fill this blank, and all are at the high end of the price range for healthcare IT equipment. It used to be a no-brainer - buying _____ meant job security. But one thing is relatively certain in the healthcare industry: Budget cuts are coming, and they will most likely be deep. If coming budget cuts mean an IT budget that no longer supports buying the incumbent brand, there are two choices: find an affordable alternative or explain to senior management why the job is not getting done. Unfortunately, people DO get fired for not getting the job done. By the time the ax falls on budgets it may be too late to find an alternative vendor of affordable servers and storage hardware for your healthcare IT systems. Nfina can offer viable alternatives to difficult decisions facing IT professionals in the healthcare industry.

Rip out and replace when you need to upgrade or expand your healthcare IT products? 

Nfina has an alternative: an open systems approach. Rather than building a system designed to be incompatible with anything bearing a different companies nameplate, Nfina uses open standards and best-of-class components that allow healthcare IT professionals to add storage capability based on considerations of performance and budget rather than the constraint of “what does my current vendor offer?” Consider Nfina’s approach to RAID as an example. Some vendors take existing technology and try to make it incompatible with the rest of the world. They offer an abbreviated version designed to keep an IT department trapped into a one-vendor healthcare IT solutions. Nfina teams with LSI®, the leader in RAID Technology, offering superior technology, without any restraints. Nfina keeps it open, capable, and expandable, as opposed to closed, restricted and constrained.   

The speed of SSD drives or the affordability of SATA drives? This is a difficult decision - especially difficult on your IT budget. Nfina has an alternative: Caching. Nfina healthcare IT solutions utilize a considerable amount of SSD as a cache, and SATA drives to store data. This solution yields near SSD performance at the SATA pricing.   

The bottom line is important to ALL IT professionals – especially those in the healthcare industry. It is important to Nfina too. Our products use best-in-class components and technology, and we build them using techniques, process, and personnel that are the model of efficiency. This results in the ability to offer a best-in-class product at a fraction of the cost of competing products and meet your healthcare IT needs. Making your IT budget go farther means instead of being forced to figure out how to do more with less, you can do more with MORE… with Nfina products.