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Data Centers


When looking at purchases and quotes from your current data center hardware vendor, the answer to this question could very well be yes. Cost of ownership is not something most IT server and storage vendors brag about. Nfina is different. 

From the inception of the company, Nfina’s mission has been to deliver maximum performance while offering maximum value to our customers. Performance in a data center means high IOPS, low power consumption, and affordable pricing. When it comes to our data center equipment, Nfina delivers on all three. 

The ultimate in performance for a server involves the use of SSD drives. Unfortunately data center SSD drives also bring the highest price tag. Nfina offers all SSD solutions as well, at competitive pricing. Sometimes, however, budget constraints will not allow an SSD solution, while users and data requirements will not tolerate a reduction in performance.

We have a cost effective alternative: a caching system that uses a significant amount of SSD for caching and SATA drives for storage. This results in a product that delivers near-SSD performance at SATA pricing. 

Power consumption is a major consideration for data center operators. Inefficient servers using lots of electricity is a major electric power expense. The energy efficient design of the Nfina 300 series data center servers results in a significant decrease in power requirements and usage, saving money. 

Some vendors do their best to paint their customers into a corner with respect to choosing alternative hardware. Not Nfina. We base our product design on open systems and do our best to make our products easily integrated with existing systems and other vendors’ products. When it comes time to upgrade or scale up your data center hardware, you won’t be faced with “rip out and replace” as the only option. 

The bottom line is often the purchase price. Nfina offers more for your IT budget than any other vendor. Our data center products are made in the USA, from best in class components, yet cost a fraction of what our competitors cost. How do we do it? In a word: efficiency. When you buy an Nfina product, you are not paying for expensive advertising, marketing, or other overhead. We have the engineering resources that are necessary to produce the product efficiently, and no more. Our people and production methods are a model of efficiency. This allows us to offer superior performance at a fraction of the price in our servers for data centers. 

High performance, low power consumption, and affordable pricing - Nfina delivers on all three.